Thoughts, Braindumps, Podcasting, and Writing

When I was in high school and college, I never really enjoyed any of my writing assignments in my various English and Lit classes. I guess it’s because of the subject matter at the time: Book reviews and article re-writes and essays just didn’t seem very enjoyable to me.

Then came the World Wide Web, and I grabbed this domain ages ago, because as a nerd I needed my very own dot-com. I learned my first HTML getting the site up and going, and it always worked as a place to host pictures and any files I needed access to.

Next, blogging took off. Even early on, WordPress stood out as a strong blogging platform, and for better and for worse it’s matured and grown over the years. It’s still the best turn-key system out there to me, and it makes publishing a site ridiculously simple. All you have to do is make the content for it! Right? Right.

I soon started up a short-lived/never-took-off gaming website called aa33, after the wonderful Arbour Acres Apt. 33 on the Mississippi State campus. Myself, John, Justin, Frosty, Greg, Alan — we all had logins and ideas, but the site never really took off. It was fun writing the back-end tools and designing the front-end . . But the content as always is the issue. I kept the domain for awhile, but eventually let it fade away.

A few years ago, I kept hearing everyone talk about this amazing journaling software called Day One. It really is gorgeous software, very thoughtful. And it worked really well for my bible study journaling. But when it came to normal writing and journaling . . . Again, crickets.

And yet I still have this urge to write. Maybe it’s because over the years, I’ve started following and reading all of these amazing tech, Apple, and sports writers. And I read their articles and listen to their podcasts, and I feel like I’ve got opinions too! Maybe I should share them somewhere! Maybe.

A few months ago, an old friend from college, Brian Baggett, invited me to join the podcast he’s created for years — Infinite Loopback — as one of their hosts. It took me a couple of episodes to get my feet wet and feel comfortable interjecting, but overall it’s been really enjoyable. Most importantly, it rekindled that fire I’ve had for years and years to create content online.

So I type that entire braindump to bring it home with this: I’ve had this latest iteration of a WordPress installation setup since May of 2019, sitting here unused. We’re all in the middle of a global pandemic: a crisis that will forever change all of our lives, something that has us all clamoring for “normal”. Sadly, it’s something we’ll never return to. We’re all looking for something to help us get through . . Well, *gestures at everything*. And here I sit with this website, unused, blank, daunting.

I — like most of us — have all the days running together. I’ve had this feeling of dread hanging over me. Work’s been more stressful than usual. My weight has gotten back out of control again, after doing so good in 2019 losing the majority of it. I feel like everything’s out of control, and I can’t stop the merry go round. I’ve gotta find something to help me get back on track, to feel accomplished again.

Tomorrow starts the month of May. 31 days. The goal will be 31 articles, one every day. Sometimes they’ll be actual, honest-to-goodness articles (or at least they’ll attempt to be!). Sometimes it may just be a stream-of-consciousness dump. Sometimes it could be a group of things I’ve found and read online. But the goal is to post SOMETHING every day. I’ll let this website be my mental exercise bike, trying to make a habit of making it work out. We’ll see where this goes. And hopefully someone will read it, and find something worthwhile here.