bookmark_borderSo . . Why?

Hi! However you’ve found this website, welcome!

So. Why? Why this? What do I do here that isn’t done on thousands of other corners of the Internet? Well, this website is for me. I’ve tried the daily journaling thing (and I’m getting better at it), but sometimes I’ll get itches to write out more detailed thoughts on certain subjects. Maybe it’s a movie that came out, or a piece of tech I’d like to talk about. Maybe it’s something I feel really passionately about that won’t go away and so I need to scream on digital paper. Whatever the reason, I’ll throw it into a draft on here, and eventually get around to writing it out when the itch gets bad enough. And if I’m going to spend that time writing it out, why not share it so someone else might get something out of it? And maybe, someone will find something of value out of it.

So however you found this, I hope you enjoy. Find any drhogie on social media and that’s me.